A message from ETROG-STUDIOS to families that have an exciting life story which worth telling and preserving 

Every person has a book in him a life story.
Every family has an exiting unique saga.
These stories must be told now, and told again for future generations.
These family tales could be about ‘Aliya’, about settlement in the country and about pioneering. They could depict the raising a wonderful family, or tell about life’s work and accomplishments that that had been passed on to the next generation.
Family stories are value rich stories. They represent our traditions and practices that guide us through our lives.
What are these stories?
They are made of recollections of Shabbat nights, Holiday celebrations and or family reunions.
The descriptions of how our grandmother (our bubby) managed the household when foodstuffs were rationed; including the dishes that only she knew how to prepare… revive the filings from our childhood from our home.
We are proud to hear (and view) our grandpa’s – our zaidy’s war stories his battlefield memories.
When we retell a family story we talk about and show off the dress that mommy sewed for her first granddaughter;
And we reminisce on the surprise party we threw for our daddy.
While we recover and retell family stories additional memories flood back and come to live…
This happens when we open albums or boxes and look at family photos, when we open books which were our home treasures, when we read the love letters and notes that no one dared throw out, when we recite some song we composed on the family outing, and we do experience once more with longing compassion and pride the joy reflected in the eyes of our parents when celebrating their golden anniversary.
Anyone who is proud of his roots and respects his past knows how important it is to document and preserve his family’s saga its history.
However, we get busy with living our lives and years go by until we suddenly discover that time got short, and this very dear issue, which was pushed off and postponed till tomorrow slips through our fingers.
Frequently we find photos in our family album or box or and we don’t know who are the people in them, or what was the event, which the photographer intended to commemorate. But there is no one who can tell the story.
What is a value of a photograph if no one recognizes the subjects the people in it?
How exciting can an old letter be, if no one knows who wrote it and to whom it was intended?
Photographs, documents and letters do yellow and crumble, and memories do fade away.
How sad it is when we try to collect and preserve these memories too late?
There is no one to tell the dear story and it is lost forever.
Ways to revive memories
An album keeps the pictures safe, a book tells a story and some family heirlooms are passed to the next generation.  
But these are not a living story, which can bring all of the families collective memories to life.  A film in its treasured sights and sounds revive emotions and with them we can pass on our traditions and values to the generations to come.

Etrog Studios will assist in your search and your research
will help you to revive, organize preserve and present these memories, your memories and momentums and your family’s legacy

 Producing a film of memories is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It brings a family together and helps organize the memorabilia, which was hidden abandoned in the attic
 A film of memories is an exciting gift for the protagonist the hero of the film, especially if he participates in the making of that movie 
 A film of memories is a treasure an asset for everyone who is part of a family